Mediation Services and Alternative Dispute Resolution in Kokomo, Howard County and Tipton County, IN

Mediation / Alternative Dispute Resolution provides an alternative to going to court to settle disagreements. Methods include arbitration, where disagreeing parties agree to be bound by the decision of an independent third party, and mediation, where a third party attempts to arrange a settlement between the two sides.

Fraught with often unforeseeable difficulties, unpredictable results, and high costs, the collective experience with traditional litigation has triggered substantial growth in the popularity of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). McCann | Legal offers ADR services, provided by its accredited and experienced attorneys, in order to produce prompt results while avoiding the common pitfalls of more conventional avenues.

ADR, including arbitration, mediation, mini-trials, and summary jury trials can assist in reaching desired ends that look beyond merely winning your claim. When involved in a dispute, one may have interests that equal, or even supersede, the outcome of the particular claim at issue, including: expediency of result(s), avoiding an adverse precedent, predictability of the result(s), and preserving beneficial business relationships that may be imperiled. By bridging the gap between protecting your interests and maintaining relationships, ADR offers a forum through which disputes can be resolved amicably and relationships can continue to thrive.

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